Thursday, August 30, 2012

On The Upswing

Registration opens tomorrow for Arrowhead, count me in.  Signed up for the Tuscobia 150 a week ago.  Hitting the Night Bison this weekend and the Gravel Conspiracy the following week.  Gonna try to squeeze in a weekend of mountain biking in Wisconsin before the Moonshine Metric at the end of the month.  Things are picking back up and a laid back summer has me feeling fresh and excited to grind again.  I'm a month into the base building period of an actual structured training plan and I've already set a new PR on one of my one hour gravel loops.  I'm still a slow guy but I'm feeling the strongest that I have since '99, a year I fondly remember as "that one that I could actually win shit". 

Also, I'm pretty sure I just farted a rainbow.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Summer Of...

... Whatever the hell I want to do.

I'll save you the three margarita sappiness I'm currently in the midst of.  Here's some pics.

Inspire away.