Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ragnarok 105 Summary

 This weekend I was up in Red Wing, MN for the 4th running of the Ragnarok 105.  I'll just be covering a couple key points in this update and then I'll let the pictures tell the story.
  • I went into this one with the intention of it being my final Trans Iowa tuneup.  I had three goals:
    • Finish (check)
    • Control my cramps (Felt a couple minor twinges that were easily controlled, otherwise a cramp free race - check)
    • Finish with a 12MPH average (Actual average: 11.4MPH including stops, 12MPH moving.  Good enough for TI)
  • My legs were burning from the start, even though I was controlling my pace.  Not sure why since I'd been going easy leading up to this race.  Eventually they started playing nice.  I actually felt a lot better the second half of the race than the first.
  • I finished this race feeling like I had a lot of miles left in my legs.  Even with the crazy hilliness of the course I wasn't too beat at the end.  This has me feeling a lot better about TI than I was before the race.  My main goal for TI is to make the second checkpoint at 170-180 miles.  I would have been able to meet that goal on Saturday, even on that course.
  • I walked two hills in this race.  The first one was a little more than halfway in.  I felt a slight twinge in my groin and it was a fairly steep hill, so I decided to walk most of it.  The second was Heath's Hill, which was a steep minimum maintenance road around 90 miles in.  I got stuck in the mud at the beginning, tried once more to ride it after clearing that patch, then gave up and hoofed it.
  • Nutrition and hydration were good, but I'll have to plan on more solid foods for TI.  Gu's alone just aren't going to cut it beyond 10-12 hours.
  • Caught a couple minor quirks that you only find on these really long rides.  Found out that the way I have my Garmin set up could have got me lost at TI.  It's only set up to show three digits on the distance so once I hit 100 miles it stopped showing 10ths of a mile.  Not a big deal most of the time, but when you're relying on cue sheets it's critical.  I should be able to change my display configuration so that's not an issue.
On to the pictures..

Checkpoint 1

Heading back out


100 mile photo op
Mission accomplished

Let's get outta here...
Race stats.  Click to Viagrify.


  1. Great Job #65. The road looks a little 'sticky' that makes holding 12 mph, staying on the pedals and working. Are you riding your Surly at TI with same set up and tires?

  2. Thanks!

    The setup seems to be working well, so I'll probably stick with it for TI. I may add a handlebar bag if I need the extra storage, but otherwise that'll be it.