Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From Then to Now

3GR ride from this weekend.

Oh yeah, that's right.  I have a blog.  I should probably write stuff on it.

I could write about Almanzo, and how it was no picnic for all the opposite reasons as last year.  Hot, dry, windy...  Ok, so the wind wasn't new.  I came into this one expecting a fun DK prep ride and hobbled away from it with a fisherman's story that will grow as it ages.  As of right now the temps were in the 90's and winds were 20+.  Next year we'll be sitting at the start line talking about how it was 112 in the shade and Buddha himself was pelting us with jello filled garden gnomes.

Speaking of fish stories, what about Dirty Kanza?  By the morning of the race that muddy B road from last year had grown to over five miles.  Sorry, folks.  It was 3.2 miles exactly.  I kept track as I rolled through on my way to the finish.  You'll have to switch to stories about the freak storm that moved through.  Those are much harder to verify.  Let's start the bidding at three funnel clouds and a flying llama.

I could talk about the weekly rides I've been doing with the local roadies, but I get dropped every time so let's skip that story.

How about a ride I didn't get dropped on.  I did 3GR last Saturday with Guitar Ted and Robert Fry.  25 miles of gravel at a brisk (for me) pace and a little pow-wow afterwards.  Definitely going to do that again, it was well worth getting up early for.

Maybe I'll write about non-bike stuff.  Charles has been on the DL since Trans Iowa so we've been getting together roughly once a week to hang out and shoot the toilet matter.  Tonight we cleaned a carburetor.  Next week we build a trailer mounted boom box.  The week after?  Good question.  When it happens though, I'll let you all know.  Or maybe not.  Guy stuff, yaknow.

Hmmm...  I seem to be at a loss for words these days.  Bloggers block?  Gypsy curse?  Indigestion?  Better sleep on it and try again later.


  1. Perhaps they meant over 5 kilometers. English system, metric, it's all so confusing.

  2. Hmmm, that reminds me, I have a blog. Dang, I forgot my pass word. What happened to Charles?

  3. He ended up with a bum knee after Trans Iowa. He's currently going through PT but is expecting to be back on the road in the next few weeks.

  4. Dang knees, !!! Hope to hear your back on track soon Charles...

  5. Thanks Dave, appreciate it. The good news: I got a fat bike. Another pre-ride of the Triple-D course this winter??? Except this time the pre-ride is on fat bikes and all three of us will be registered for the race???