Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kansas Awaits

With the exception of the cold stuff, the car is packed and I'm ready for DK.  I'll be heading out for Emporia first thing in the morn to meet up with Don, Zach and 300 other slightly south of sane folks.  It's gonna be a hot one, so we'll see what effect that has on me.  I haven't had much of a chance to acclimate myself to the heat yet this summer, so I suffered quite a bit on my Memorial Day ride earlier this week.  Here's me hoping this Saturday is better.  If not, I'll just load my jersey pockets with ice.  There's always a workaround...

To those of you riding DK, good luck!  To everyone else, enjoy the weather and the riding this weekend.  I'll have a race report and more updates to Project: Backroads when I get back.  Til then...


  1. If you see Miss Gulch riding a bicycle either go faster or please get out of the heat.

  2. I'll just jump on her wheel and let her pull me to the finish.