Monday, June 20, 2011

More B roads

Posted 20 new roads tonight on Project Backroads.  Looks like a couple of the roads aren't showing up though, so I'll check that out later.

Other than that, I'll have some general updates soon.  Things have been awfully busy for me the last few weeks and I'm still trying to get caught up.


  1. Sometime in the fall, I would like to pack a bike there and explore some of your B roads.
    What would be your bike of choice.
    A. FatTire 4 inch soft tires.
    B. Cycle Cross. Racing Ralph's tires.
    C. Hardtail with 2.5 knobbies.

  2. Around Mount Vernon the b roads tend to be dirt without much in the way of rock, so I ride those on the cross check with 35-45mm tires. Snow bike could be fun though, but the roads tend to be rotted out and the wider tires might grab more ruts. On the b roads and access roads around the amanas, especially along the river, it gets rockier and wider tires would definitely be a plus there.

  3. Also, let me know if you feel like teaming up for that ride, or if you'd like me to highlight some of the more interesting areas.

  4. All righty, exploring would fun. Sounds like my Trek XO2 with Racing Ralphs would do well on the dirty parts. Sometime hooking up for a ride would be good.