Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunday Hunday

Does anyone want to come out to my playground and do a gravel hundy on Sunday?  I'm going to ride from Mount Vernon to Amana and back.  I'm single speeding it so ride time will be 8ish hours with a few chances to hit convenience stores to restock.  Ride will be about 80-85% gravel with a couple B roads, at least one water crossing and 4-5 miles of DK-rough access roads.

If you're in, let's plan on leaving from my house around 8 or 9am. Email me at for more details.


  1. Craig two things.
    1. How did the hunday go?
    2. Are you guys going to be on the Nature Valley Trail this Wed. 8/31
    I am thinking or riding the trail to completion or failure and I will look for you guys on the return if you are out there.

  2. The hundo ended up being only 85, but I was good with that. I'll go into more detail on that tonight.

    I'll be out on the trail Wed. night, so I'll keep an eye out for ya. We usually roll back into hiawatha around sunset, but I may bring my lights and head up the trail a bit afterwards.