Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moonshine Metric Gravel Ride

***Update 10/3/2011:  Misc info including start location, food, lodging and deadline posted here.***

***Update 9/13/2011:  Course map and additional details posted here.***

That's right, folks...  We're doing this.

Behold...  The Moonshine Metric!  60+ miles of gravel, B roads, buddies and beverages.  The best part?  It's taking place entirely at night!  Here's the details:

The date: Saturday, Oct. 15th.  Ride will start at 7pm and will probably end for most people in the neighborhood of midnight.
The place: Mount Vernon, IA.  Exact location is TBD but we will start from somewhere in town.

The ride:  First of all, this is a gentleman's ride.  This is not a race.  I don't want to be stuck manning checkpoints and watching the finish line while you guys get to have all the fun, so this is where we be.  That being said, I'll have cue sheets available to all if you want to take off on your own.  No one is going to be keeping track of what time you come in though.  If want to make a race of it, guess what?  First place is you get to start the fire.  Have fun waiting for us.

Alright, second order of business...  The exact course is still swirling in the aether, but expect around 65 miles with 5% being B roads and 10-15% pavement.  We'll roll out on the north side of town and head east for a bit before turning south for a while, skimming Sutliff and rolling though Solon.  We'll finish up at my place back in Mount Vernon, where we'll get a fire going, break into the cooler and tell ghost stories and whatnot.  There will be two opportunities to restock along the way, one at a bar in Sutliff and another at a Casey's in Solon (assuming they're open).

Registration:  If you want to do the ride, send me an email at  All I'm really looking for is an idea of how many people might show up.  Parking could be an issue if we have a lot of people, so please don't come unannounced.  I'll be posting the roster on this site as people sign up.  If you're shy or in witness protection, I'll keep your real name private upon request.  I still get to come up with a pseudonym of my choosing for you though.

Lodging:  There's a hotel and a motel in town if that's your cup o' butter, but you're also welcome to pitch a tent in my backyard.  Just be aware that I have limited space back there so make sure you let me know ahead of time that you'll be camping out.  BTW, I live close to a busy set of railroad tracks.  Keep that in mind when reserving your spot.

Misc. details:
- Once again, this is a night ride.  We'll be a few days past a full moon, but lights are still mandatory.  To start this ride you will need (at the very least) a decent headlight and a flashing rear red taillight.
- Whatever route we end up taking, there will be dogs.  So far I haven't come across any that were more than just intimidating, but still...  Be cautious.  I'll mark the rough locations of known dogs on the cue sheets.
- The golden rule is in place for this ride.  Let's hear you all repeat it in your grumpiest Guitar Ted voice...  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!

The Roster (as of 10/2/11):
- Me
- Guitar Ted
- Don Daly
- Zach Lamb
- Tim Ellsworth
- Robb Sandle
- Lee Ellis
- Kurt Stephens
- Courtney Hilton
- Charles Showalter
- Mike Baggio

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