Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tuscobia Post Race

Gearing up...

6th Place in the 75 mile race nets me my best result of the year.  Total time was 12 hours and 30 minutes.  All together there were 18 cyclists that started and 15 finished.  I wasn't all that fast on the hard pack and ice, but made up a lot of ground on the soft and crusty (there was plenty of soft and crusty).  I had three mechanicals on the trail and probably skirted a fourth by a few miles (bottom bracket kept unthreading).  I bonked about half way through and was never able to really recover from it, regardless of how much I ate.  Oh, and just for the hell of it I dropped my sunglasses in the toilet in Winter (pre-flush, of course).  But hey, I'm pretty happy with how things turned out in the end.

Also gotta say I'm very impressed with how well this event was organized, especially when you consider it was cancelled by the original director and picked up by another pair about a month or so ago.  Big thanks to Helen and Chris for taking over and doing an excellent job!

I'll get some more pics up in the next couple days, and may go into more detail on the race at that time.

Edit:  Corrected the number of starters and finishers


  1. Great Job. You keep this up, you will be the one signing the Chuck Norris posters. :-)
    Yes, when you get time please share about the mechanicals, I always make a mental note.

  2. Great job Craig! You the man!

  3. Thanks guys! I'll get a more detailed report up tomorrow.