Monday, January 3, 2011

Rabbi-Cat sighting, didn't get an accurate ass count...

In 50 years, this photo will be famously known as the introduction to my "finger in the lens" collection...

Got out yesterday for the first ride of the new year, which also served as a birthday ride.  Well, I'm going to call it a metric birthday ride since I didn't get the actual mileage in to make it a true birthday ride.  It was a little breezy, but otherwise it was a great ride.  The plow-leveled and frozen roads made a good chunk of it ride like pavement.  It was nice having an average speed back up in the double digits again.   Also, Saw three deer and one rabbi-cat.  The deer are standard fare on my rides, but the rabbi-cat...  That's new. Right now I'm theorizing it's the result of some meth lab mad scientist genetics experiment, cuz I'm thinking gene splicing is a viable hobby for the bored cooker who has a little free time on his hands. 

Today...  Today was for the gym.  I've been lifting over the off-season to try and help with the cramps that like to strike on my longer rides and races.  Nothing major, just low weights and high reps 2-3 times a week.  Over the next couple weeks we'll see how much it's helped.

Oh, I made the roster for Ragnarok 105.  Postcard goes in tomorrow for the Royal 162, since I forgot to send it today.  DK registration opens on the 15th and that will round out the first half of my season.  Should be fun!

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