Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Triple D preparation

Freshly studded Mountain King

Triple D is coming up on Sunday and I've started getting my equipment together.  Got my front tire studded tonight and I'll be doing the rear tomorrow.  I'll also be throwing a rigid fork on my hardtail and getting that prepped for the race.  I was originally considering the dualie since the trail I ride at lunch is pretty choppy and the suspension comes in handy, but it doesn't have a lot of clearance and the studded tires won't fit.  Therefore, rigid it is.

I'm also going to be setting the bike up with some extra storage capacity.  I've got a clamp-on rack that will be going on and I picked up a handlebar bag today for food and other stuff I need to get to get to easily.  Tire changing goodies will be going in the seat pack and everything else goes in the camelback.  I have a frame pack, but unfortunately it won't fit on this bike. Bummer...

Clothing will be my standard winter stuff which is generally a thermal base layer and a wind layer if it's windy.  If it gets really cold I may add a fleece top to the mix.  Gloves are relatively light since insulated gloves make my hands sweat even at low temps.  Shoes are Pearl Izumi Barriers.  I'm also toying with the idea of ski goggles if it gets really cold. 

Food will be my standard Vanilla Bean GU, plus some chocolate Pop Tarts and Powerbars for when I'm craving something solid.  I'm still undecided how I'm handling hydration.  For long rides I typically fill the camelback with water plus Elete and carry a couple brawndo filled bottles.  I don't have any insulated bottles though so I may just throw the brawndo in the camelback and skip them altogether.  We'll see.

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