Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Donkey Bombs

That's not a B road.  That's the nature trail.

 I was going to be working late today so I decided to take an extended lunch and hit the nature trail for a while.  It's been pretty mushy up until now, largely due (I believe) to the extensive damage from the heavy equipment they sent out on it to clear brush last month.  With those ruts running down either side of the trail, there's nowhere for the water to go but down so it just sits there.  Hard to say why they thought the spring thaw was the best time to do this, but this is what we have now.  In any case, it was looking like it had dried out a bit so I headed out down the best line I could find.  

While I'm annoyed that it's in this kind of shape, it was still a fun and challenging ride.  This one was definitely about bike handling skills.  I went down once on the edge of a rut, but stayed upright the rest of the time.  Dodged ruts, debris, a dog, and this...

Someone's been riding their horse on the trail, and they haven't been bringing a baggie.  This wasn't the only steamer out there either.  In fact, I lost count after a while.  I'm pretty sure horses aren't allowed on this trail, but I wouldn't have a problem with them if they showed some respect for the other folks who use this path.  As a secondary, they tore the hell out of the only really rideable areas of the trail, but since it was already in nasty shape I wasn't as irritated about that grievance.  It just made for a rougher ride.

All whining aside, it was nice out there today.  Trudged through 15 miles in 90 minutes and got a decent workout.  I was going to lift weights at lunch tomorrow but it's looking like another nice one so I'll probably head out again.  Friday is looking nastier, so that'll be a better day to stay inside. 

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  1. Somebody was riding a horse on one of my trail routes this winter. The big frozen horse turds were like running into a softball and wanted to knock me over. Why do they poop so much?