Monday, March 14, 2011

A Magazine and a segue

I'm a little disappointed.  There should be a space between "Von" and "Porpoise".

Got the first issue of my new Bicycle Times subscription today.  Ended up going with a name that I could crash a fancy party with.   Go go gadget gold digger!

Flipped through the pages as I was walking back inside and saw a pic of what I immediately recognized as some sweet Iowa level B mud suckage.  It was tied to a Trans-Iowa article, so double bonus.  I am so excited for this race...

Speaking of which, and old teammate of mine from way back when I was sorta-kinda-fast-but-not-really recently got a hold of me.  He's also doing T.I. and saw my name on the roster.  He's driving in from Wisconsin this weekend and we'll be doing a two day training session.  Oughta be fun.  I'm thinking part of it will cover a section of the Night Nonsense course I did back in October.  There was some pretty sweet level B followed up with a water crossing and a few miles of rocky river road.  That's going to be a "must" for this ride.  Think I may bring the GoPro for this one since it's waterproof.  I may even try to rig up a fork mount so I can get some underwater footage.

We'll see...

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  1. I'll be cheering over here for ya, TI Go Craig GO