Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moonshine Metric Course Profile

The route for the Moonshine Metric has been finalized and posted here.  Distance is a hair under 65 miles with the first 10 being about 50% B roads to jump start the awesomeness.  I'll have a backup route planned in case of rain that will bypass the first two miles of level B since I'm sure no one wants to start this ride off with an hour long mud slog.  The rest of the B roads on this route should still be fairly rideable unless we get some major downpours, so count on them staying in.

The rest of the course I'll leave up to everybody to explore, but I do want to call out one thing in particular.  At about mile 50 we'll be hitting some steep rollers and at the bottom of the first one sits this wheel eating wood plank bridge.

As you can see, my 45mm tires fit nicely in the groove, and this isn't even the biggest gap.  It's sketchy enough in daylight and we'll be hitting it in the middle of the night.  Add to that the speed you'll be carrying from the hill and this thing has the potential to really ruin your weekend.  So, that being said...  BE CAREFUL!  I'll mark this bridge on the cues so you'll all know it's coming.


  1. What ya think Craig, 42 CC tires on a Cycle X or a FatBike? HardTail is in pieces. Do you have any plans of riding the route sometime soon?

  2. 42C on the CX would work best for this course, but I bet the Fatbike would be fun as well. There's a couple short sections of sandy B road that the big tires would do well on, plus it'd be safer on that tricky bridge.

    I'll probably hit the course one or two more times before the ride, especially since there's a bridge out on it right now and I'll want to keep up to date on it's progress. Let me know if you want to take a pre-ride on it.