Monday, September 26, 2011

Project: Stormtrooper

Rims are at the powder-coat shop and most of the parts that aren't getting yoinked from another bike have been ordered.  I'm trying to have this built up in time for the Moonshine Metric. It's gonna be close.

C'mon, winter...


  1. What are you thinking for tires?
    Oh, and YaY, "C'mon, winter... it's time for those of us, that 1% of the bicyclist that raise the bar and ride the snow, yahooo. :-)

  2. I'm probably going to go with the Big Fat Larry's. I've seen pics online of someone running BFL's on 80mm rims with a 1x9 and he didn't have any chain rub. Since I'm running a 1x9 with Rolling Darryl's I'm thinking they'll work.

  3. Run 3x7 (9 speed components) just scrap 3 of the lower gears (11-13-15) so you end up with 17-32 and run a double ore triple, trust me I use all three rings on my pugs and it's the only bike I'll say that I ever need the 22tooth but 22x32 will get you up everything! I thought about bfl's but I'm really liking the looks of husker du's.

  4. I do have a triple on order, so I'll be able to play around and see what works best. I'm leaning towards the 1x9 for simplicity though. I'm really developing a distaste for front derailleurs so I may even keep the tiny and manually shift when I need it.

  5. I have a BFL on order for my front on FATBike with 70mm rims. I am told with the higher TPI it is lighter then a standard Larry. I will try to make one work on the rear with a 2x9. Also I am thinking about a 'Nate' for the rear the knob pattern looks aggressive and mean. Last winter with a ENDO in the rear that doesn't have deep knobs spin outs were more frequent then needed to be Courtney yes, I like the 22x32 you can climb the sides of buildings with the right tires. :-)