Monday, October 3, 2011

Moonshine Metric Update: Food, Start Location, Etc.

Couple small updates regarding the Moonshine Metric...

First off, where are we all going to meet?  Good question.  The short answer is my house.  However, since I don't want my home address floating around the wild and untamed internets (any more than it already is) I'll be sending an email out this week to everyone who has signed up telling you all where we're starting from. 

Next item of business, lodging.  I've had a couple people ask about hotels in the area.  There are two in town, and both are about a mile from my house.  Here's the links for those that are interested.  As mentioned before, you're also welcome to camp out at my place.
- Sleep Inn
- Mount Vernon Motel

Alright, on to food.  Pre and post ride food will be available.  Not sure what I'll have brewing for you yet, but the post ride food will be something warm.  I'm leaning towards taco/burrito/fajita type stuff but that's not a guarantee. I know there's at least one vegan on the list so I'll have a vegan alternative as well. 

Lastly, I should probably come up with a deadline for those that are on the fence about signing up.  Let's make it noon on the 14th.  Of course, earlier is always better...

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