Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting Lost

Enjoying the fall colors.

Yesterday I decided to head out and explore some new roads that I'd never ridden before.  I had two goals on the day:  
1)  Rack up another century for the Cup O' Dirt
2)  Get lost and find my way back without the aid of maps or outside help.

Mission accomplished on both counts.  Along the way I found a handful of new B roads, rolled through some towns I hadn't been in before, passed the bar I once watched midget wrestling at, got a little bit of night riding in, and all around just enjoyed some great fall weather.

Pictures?  You betcha!

Wasn't sure if I was trespassing at this point.  That's a park on the left.

Abbe Hills road.  This is the first B road we hit on the Moonshine Metric.

 Working on the winter beard.  BTW, that helmet used to be red.

Winding down.

That's it, folks.

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