Thursday, February 24, 2011

Junk and Stuff From the Last Week

Zoe a.k.a. Bubbleface

- Last week the Incredimutt developed an abscess in the root of her tooth which lead to a sizable lump under her eye.  I briefly entertained the idea that she was bitten by something radioactive and would develop some super dog powers, like maybe the ability to not urinate when nervous or excited.  No such luck.  It was just an infection and she had to have a couple teeth pulled.

- Got out on the nature trail at lunch yesterday for the first time since the snow melted.  I was hoping that since the temps were around freezing and there was no snow I could finally ride the unpaved sections.  Instead it was a gooey mess.  Bummer.  I didn't feel like getting slop-nasty or gouging out the trail, so I turned around and did a couple sprints on the paved sections instead.

- CIRREM is coming up this weekend.  Spent a couple hours out in the shop tonight getting my bike ready and doing some organizing.  By the way, front rack mounts are a perfect place to attach a mini-pump.  Also makes the Surly look like more of an adventure bike.  Bonus!

- Archer is on.  Shows this awesome deserve my undivided attention so... 


  1. My dog Pitty was shot by a UFO's radioactive taser for chasing Aliens on the trail. She now writes and sings songs at night, but only when I am here alone. But I have her talked into competeing on American Idol. You are the first to know this, please keep it under your hat. Thanks.

  2. Your secret is safe with me. Well, me and this blog. But since you're the only one who follows it... Still safe. At least until I tell my mom I have a blog. Then it'll be me, my mom and this blog. Also, Google. Google will probably figure it out now too.

    But I swear that's it.