Monday, February 14, 2011

One more for the trophy room

That's not right...

This is the third rear derailleur I've mangled in my roughly 15 years of on again/off again cycling.  One every five years would be a pretty good average, I suppose, if there weren't long layoffs thrown in there.  Still, not to bad I guess.

The first one was a stick that got caught in my rear wheel while I was riding the John Muir trails in Wisconsin with some friends.  Total damage was a mangled cage and a busted derailleur hanger.  I was able to rig it up as a single speed long enough to get to some pavement, at which point my chain snapped.  My friends took turns pushing me the mile and a half back to the trail head, two pushing while one rested.  They got the workout that day.

Fast forward a couple years and I was doing a race on the same trail system.  A couple miles from the finish my bike started shifting crappy when suddenly...  SnapCracklePopCrunchGrind.  The upper (carbon) body sheared off at the pivot.  No time to fix this one, so I ran the last mile or so to the finish.  I still earned bragging rights by finishing 10 seconds ahead of my teammate ;-)

I wish I could say I had a good story for what happened yesterday.  Nope, not so lucky this time.  After five hours I found myself just outside of town, trying to talk myself out of adding another short one hour loop, when my rear wheel locked up and I came skidding to a halt.  Not exactly sure how since I wasn't shifting, nor was I in my largest cog, but the derailleur had gotten tangled up in my spokes.  I yanked it back out and limped home, somewhat relieved to have a decent excuse for not meeting my original six hour commitment.

Total damage:
- The derailleur is pretty much shot and needs to be replaced.
- The rear wheel now rubs the brake pad.  No biggie there though since I bought it used and was taking it in to get trued this week anyway.
- The derailleur hanger looks like it may be bent.  Gonna let the bike shop take care of that one.

I'm guessing it'll be a week before the Surly is ready to roll again.  Looks like I'll be getting some quality road riding in until then. 

One final note:  The remains of those first two derailleurs were combined to form a new, more powerful super derailleur that is still being used on my hardtail today.

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  1. Wow, pushing a bike in a race and beating your buddy by 10 seconds that must have been one crazy ass sprint in the end with him gunning for ya.

    Spring brings for me mud glops and the potential to fry your rear (derailleur)