Thursday, February 3, 2011


I don't have a rabbit.
I just finished making enough biscuits and gravy to feed half the company for work tomorrow and now I'm relaxing with a cold beer.  I say "beer" because "Mike's pink lemonade" doesn't sound nearly as manly.  I probably lost the rights to half my chest hair once I opened the bottle.  The other half was forfeit when I told you I made biscuits and gravy.  Chicks dig a bald chest and a frilly apron, right?

So I've been daydreaming about building my own bike frame.  Got the garage/workshop cleaned out enough that I'll probably order a 29er tube kit I saw on Nova Cycles Supply.  I wanted my first frame to be lugged but there isn't much to choose from in MTB lugs so it'll probably be welded instead.  Right now I'm envisioning a drop bar steel 29er since the hardtail is about to be retired.  I'm hoping I can have something rideable in time for Dirty Kanza.  I've got just enough design and metalworking experience (and friends with equipment) that I'm confident I can pull this off.  From there, I've got a few other design ideas I want to futz around with.  Gravel grinder with polished stainless steel lugs and a wood or bamboo frame is at the top of that list.

I'm also thinking about taking some of the heated insoles that are out on the market and building up a new controller for them.  My assumptions with the ones out there is that they are either on or off.  I don't need constant heat so I want to design a controller that you can program to cycle on and off to extend battery life.  I may also add a wireless remote into the mix so I can control it from the handlebars.  I'm planning on doing at least one more winter race in addition to Triple D next year, so this will really help.

Archer is on right now.  I love this show.

My boss is having a sledding party at his house on Saturday.  Got an old steel saucer sled and a great mod idea for it.  Only have a night and a day to implement it.  I can do this...

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  1. LoL, but biscuits and gravy are a manly man thing as long as served with beer.